Artifact is an Interactive Web Encyclopedia of Art – a global, digital world where art can be shared, explored, dissected and connected. A simple medium – one that invites its participants to reinvent the art world, together. With help from artists, aficionados, galleries and institutions, we’re creating a living map of the global art ecosystem, defined by perspectives and opinions, not only techniques and mediums.
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Discover a world of Art and Artists

With our Interactive Web Encyclopedia of Art, a universe of artists and artworks is at your fingertips. On Artifact’s homepage, you can follow your favourite artworks, discover new featured artists, and sift through our database with new lenses like influences, references, geographic locations, global events and art types.


Create and explore interactive portfolios

Our detailed artwork pages dive far deeper than any museum placard, providing newfound access to the artist’s inner workings, influences and inspirations. These indepth, interactive views cater to both the logical and creative sides of any piece of art. Through an artwork’s Ancestry view, you can explore the analytical side: how an art piece came to be, how it connects to the world around us and beyond. On the other-hand, on an artwork’s Pulse view marked by a heart rate monitor, you can dive into the emotional realm: what the artist was thinking and feeling as they created the piece, their inspirations and their values.

Promote yourself - Scout and be scouted

Our user profile pages enable artists to tell their own stories, while giving aficionados a newfound look at the person behind the brush. Each artist-created profile features details about his or her background, newest works and events, inspirations, influences, and interests. These interactive profiles remove the need for independent websites, while making it easy for artists to promote themselves and develop a global fan base.

One form, one million visualisations

When artists fill out our artwork registration form, they create an eternal, dynamic portfolio. On the site, artists can follow their work as it connects to an ever-broadening map of influences, events, and perspectives. Since the form can be updated at any time, artists can add new works, exhibits, and selling information to the platform. This constant stream of new information populates Artifact with information straight from the primary source, the artist, and ensures that it stays accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.

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